Over 20 worlds.

From protected creative plots and survival worlds to unique minigames, you can find things you like, as well as try something new.

Always Evolving.

We listen.

On our public Discord group, we take suggestions and allow people to vote on our newest upcoming features. We constantly add new features.

A Strong Community.

5 whole years since 2012, and counting.

Our small but strong community makes for a great server experience. Our lenient rules are based on trust and honor.



Default Plot World

Safe, 64x64 size protected worlds to build in.

Pro Plot World

Larger, 128x128 size plots for ranks 15 and above.

Pro Infinite World

Flat world for large builds, rank 15 and above.

Natural Plot World

64x64 size plots containing natural terrain.


Invincible survival mode.




I can't recall all 14 from memory



Regular Survival

A peaceful survival map with a SarcaCraft twist.


Expand and develop a stranded island in the sky.


An endless world of floating blocks.